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Natalie Gail

I am a Miami native of Jamaican descent, who is passionate about beauty and fashion. My skin care journey has birthed my desire to motivate, educate and help all women with their journey because OUR BEAUTY IS WORTH IT!

Grow + Glow = My Journey

Have you ever struggled with acne or post acne scarring?

Feel like you’re not fashionable enough because you don’t have designer fashion?

Has the hype of social media caused you to feel less than beautiful?

Like life is so perfect for everyone except you... if you have, then you’re not alone. That is my story too! 

Where it all began...

As a young woman born and raised in Miami, Florida, the pressure of being beautiful and perfect caused me to struggle with what being beautiful really looks like. It led me to spend money that I didn’t have on almost over every over the counter product for your skin, did studies for dermatologist, tried antibiotics, and still nothing! At one point I was spending some of my savings to keep up with fashion trends so I can be what people consider an influencer. 

One of the breakthroughs for me was being able to intern for Dwayne Wade’s stylist, Calyann Barnett, and see what happens in the world of celebrities. This opportunity gave me insight to understand that not all that “glitters is gold.”

Another breakthrough I had, when it comes to skincare, was going to school to get my license as a facial specialist. I’ve never seen my skin so healthy. I received a hands on training how to care for different skin types. Also, being a skincare expert at Sephora for several years helped me to put what I’ve learned into practice.

At this point, you might be thinking that your situation is different, unique and nobody has your same issue... I too thought the same thing! That’s what motivated me to find this solution that works for people like you and I.

I believe that OUR beauty is worth it! 

That’s what Natalie Gail Beauty is all about.

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